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B2B Brand Strategy and Activation

Transforming Couch Potato Brands into Powerful Assets

There’s a Dirty Secret About B2B Brands

Most of them are slackers. Goldbricks. Couch potatoes.

I'm Mamie Patton, and I'm on a mission to kick these lazy B2B couch potato brands into high performers. Contrary to many perceptions, branding is not marketing. It’s an activated business strategy that fuels your entire organization. One that builds the foundation for a successful long-term future. One that strengthens revenue, profitability, and preference. Too many B2Bs are ignoring it, to their loss.


I’m passionate about it because it makes a positive difference in the lives of others. When a brand thrives, the company thrives. People thrive. Not only customers, but employees. Their families.

I like that. It's why I'm driven to kick those underperformers into high gear.

Mamie Patton, brand strategy consultant for B2B companies

My Brand Journey

In my 30+ years of marketing and branding, I’ve experienced first-hand the power of strong brands, and the wasted opportunities of weak ones.

I’ve been exceedingly fortunate to work for and with major brands like Lowe’s Home Improvement, Lee Apparel, Wrangler, JanSport, Walmart, and more...



Great branding ignites your team and builds customer loyalty. If you are wondering how to get started building your brand, you will get clear headed, practical guidance to take you to the next level.

 Contact Mamie Patton directly to discuss your specific needs.

Brand Consulting icon

Brand Consulting

A knowledgeable outside perspective can be Invaluable to your company's brand efforts.

Tap into my vast experience to power up your brand. Services include:

  • Competitor research

  • Customer research

  • SWOT analysis

  • Action plans to implement your brand power throughout your organization

  • Marketing strategy to integrate the brand throughout all touchpoints


Consulting projects range from half-day consulting sessions to lengthy brand initiatives covering weeks or months. Either way, it is focused on one goal: helping your business build a successful, sustainable future.

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Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is a process of identifying competitive differentiators that your company can claim and own. They must be unique, relevant, and valuable to your customers. Customers then understand what to expect from your brand. They know what you stand for. It becomes difficult for competitors to emulate you.

I have extensive experience in helping brands carve out their distinct position and then integrate it into their business and marketing strategies. Contact me to learn more.

SWOT Analysis chart

SWOT Analysis


A SWOT analysis is a useful tool to help your team prioritize and focus on what’s most important. Using a skilled moderator who comfortably connects with employees at all levels helps you get useful feedback, rather than the answers they think you want to hear. I will lead discovery sessions with your team, digging into each of the four categories and encouraging input from all participants. Often clients discover that they are spending time on some items at the expense of more important opportunities. Or they gain insights on how to better manage weaknesses that might be keeping them awake at night. The final report will contain detailed findings and strategy recommendations to help you win in the marketplace.

I help companies build the power of their brands.

When brands are strong, companies thrive. Data proves that strong brands weather economic downturns better and emerge to recovery faster.

Customers respond because brands help them cut through the clutter to find the solution they seek, faster and more reliably. It provides confidence, and they are willing to pay a premium for it.


Branding is science. And art. Is your company ready to grow a stronger brand and win in the marketplace? Let’s talk.

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